Hot Chocolate Truffle Sticks

Every year for Christmas at my husband’s house everyone contributes to stockings, since we’re all a little old for Santa to come and visit anymore. The first year we joined was last year when my husband proposed to me. It was perfect and everyone enjoyed hearing the story of how he drove to my sister’s […]

Vanilla Cupcake Wreath

My new tradition with our friends is to make the person with the closest birthday whatever cupcakes they want when we see them. They can pick any type of cupcake and I’ll attempt to make it as best as I can. My friend asked for a vanilla butter cupcake with buttercream frosting. She wanted it […]

Vanilla Candy Cane Cookies

As peppermint is one of the flavors of the season, and pairs perfectly with chocolate (which is my favorite), I’ve been using it a lot. I didn’t quite realize how much until my husband asked me to stop making peppermint stuff because he wanted to be able to eat something I baked! So I decided […]

Maple Bacon Snowman Cupcakes

So one of my oddest tastes is that I hate bacon. It is one of my least favorite things. It’s just too strong for me. One of my friends always calls me un-American because of my dislike of bacon, others just call me weird. We have a party once a year for our friends where […]

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Oreos

This weekend my niece came to help me pick out a Christmas tree. We love Christmas as a family, and picking out a perfect Christmas tree is one of the key pieces in our holiday celebrations. This year we had to find a new place to go and pick out a Christmas tree from due […]

Cranberry Lemon Bars

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I┬álove Christmas! My dad was the one who taught me to love Christmas. He learned from his mom. We always take a picture of our Christmas tree. The trick with my dad wasn’t necessarily getting a lot of high ticket items, but large items. They can be […]

Peppermint Bark

My family has always enjoyed peppermint bark, especially around Christmas time. It’s one of the only things that uses white chocolate that I actually like. I figured out why, it’s because the white chocolate has peppermint extract in it! It makes it so it doesn’t taste like white chocolate at all. So if you are […]