Christmas Tree Origami Decoration

To continue on this 31 days of Christmas I chose a christmas tree decoration for your home. My husband and I are starting to decorate our home for the holiday season. This weekend my niece is coming over and we are going out and cutting down our own Christmas tree. The first year we did this there was like a foot of snow on the ground and my father and I were not prepared. I had to cut down the tree because he has a bad back. I didn’t bring snowpants or a good jacket and was covered in snow by the end. It was worth it though. Now we cut down our own tree every year. I love making decorations that can last a while but I also love using what I have around the house. This uses origami paper and scissors. I actually used construction paper instead. You can make this now with a piece of paper and scissors. Fast, easy, and beautiful. There is nothing more satisfying than making something out of nothing. I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did!


To make the christmas tree origami decoration you need:

1 piece of paper



To start with fold the paper so it is a square. Bring the bottom to a side so that they are lined up.


Cut off the extra paper off to make a square. Then fold the other diagonal and in half both ways.


Then hold the piece of paper on the corner so you see a diamond in the folds of the paper.


Then fold the sides in so that there is a diamond on both sides.


Fold the sides in as pictured below.


Do the same thing on the other side.


Fold the triangles at the bottom underneath. Do this on every side.



Then flatten and cut 3 times as pictured below.


Cut on both sides. Then fold the point on the bottom maintains.


Then fold out, open the bottom and fold the point in.


Do this with all four sides.


Now you have a quick easy decoration. I hope you enjoy your origami Christmas tree. Remember to always live and let’s create!

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